• Your Local Gainesville Dentists that do Dental Implants

    When it’s time to replace damaged or missing teeth, it can be stressful trying to find someone to do your dental work that you trust. The team at Hawkins Family Dental, your local Gainesville dentists, are experts in dental implants having served the Gainesville community since 1978. We provide the highest standard of care for all of our dental services, so if you’re looking for local dentists that do dental implants, you’ve come to the right place.

    Local Dentists for Dental Implants Gainesville

    Local Choice for Dental Implants in Gainesville

    Dental implants are a combination of a titanium implant and a tooth-colored crown that is cemented on top of the implant. They behave like natural teeth and stimulate bone growth in your gums, making them the best choice for your overall oral health. Our goal at Hawkins Family Dental is to ensure that our patients’ oral health is maintained for a lifetime. With that in mind, we provide dental implants using the best materials available so that your implants last for many years to come and save you money in the long run.

    What to Expect

    Many people fear that receiving a dental implant will be painful, but our team ensures that you feel very little discomfort and nitrous oxide is available for those patients under distress. This procedure is often performed in stages: the tooth is removed, the jawbone is prepared (which may require bone grafting), the metal post is placed, molds of your teeth and jawbone are taken, and finally the tooth is placed on top of the implant. Our efficient and caring staff take your needs into account and get these procedures done as quickly as possible, though it will take place over several months.

    Financing Your Dental Implants

    Dental implants tend to be the most cost effective option for replacing missing teeth. They have a higher up-front cost, but cost less over time because they are less likely to need repair or replacement. Other options like dental bridges and dentures don’t stand up as well to the everyday stresses of chewing.

    The cost of dental implants varies greatly depending on your location, particular dentist, and the extent of work needed, but you should expect to pay somewhere between $2,000-$3,000. Financing options are available to our patients because we don’t want the up-front cost to deter anyone that needs oral care. We take the time to discuss your treatment options and guarantee their cost before starting treatment as well as an estimate of insurance coverage. We also provide affordable payment plan options for implants, such as CareCredit or Citi Health Card.

    Gainesville Dentists that do Dental Implants

    If you’re in need of local dental implants in the Gainesville area, look no further than Hawkins Family Dental. Oral health plays an important role in your overall health and it should be taken seriously. Our experienced and dedicated staff are dentists and dental assistants that you can trust to take proper care of your teeth. We understand that choosing a dentist who does dental implants is not a decision that comes lightly and we’re honored when patients choose us for their dental services!

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