• Why You Should Always Use a Mouth Guard When Playing Sports

    When it comes to sports, especially high impact sports, you want to protect yourself from injury as much as possible which is why shin guards, helmets, and other protective body gear are often required. One item that is frequently left off the list, though, is a mouth guard.

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    If you wouldn’t go out onto the field without a helmet, why would you go without a mouth guard? They’re the only way to keep your mouth safe from injury and yet many athletes still neglect to wear them.

    Mouth Injuries Sustained During Sports

    Sports-related dental injuries are the most common type of injury to the mouth and they can be a lot more than knocked-out teeth. Mouth guards don’t just protect your teeth, they also protect the soft tissues of your lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue and may even have the added benefit of providing some shock absorption to prevent concussion. When you don’t wear one, you are at risk of lacerations to the soft tissues of your mouth, a broken jaw, and missing or cracked teeth which will all be very costly to repair.

    Picking the Right Mouth Guard for You

    There are plenty of options for you when it comes to choosing the right mouth guard. They range from light protection to extra heavy protection depending on how heavy the impact is in your sport. A mouth guard offering light protection would be good for low impact sports like volleyball while one offering extra heavy protection is best for sports like hockey.

    “Boil-and-Bite” mouth guards can be purchased at most athletic retailers and will require you to heat the material and then place it in your mouth to form it to your teeth. These provide a good amount of protection, but custom dental mouth guards, created by your dentist, tend to be more comfortable and offer more protection.

    Custom Dental Mouth Guards in Gainesville, GA

    If you or your child is in need of a custom mouth guard, the team at Hawkins Family Dental is happy to help you decide which option is best for you and get you fitted so that you can get out and stay active while keeping your mouth safe from injury!

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