• Understanding the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

    Understanding the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

    If you’ve been to the dentist recently, you may have noticed your dental hygienist test you for periodontal disease with a probe. This is a painless test that checks the pockets between your teeth for evidence of receding gums or inflammation that could be signs of gum disease.  You may have also heard about the

  • How to Prepare for Your Kid’s First Dental Appointment

    Did you know you should start taking your child to the dentist by the time they turn one? As soon as they have teeth, those teeth need to be well cared for.  Your kid’s first dentist appointment will most likely be short with little to no treatment and provides your child the opportunity to become

  • Why Choose a Local Family Dentist Near You?

    No matter what your age, regular visits to the dentist are critical to maintaining your oral health, so you should have a dentist that you feel comfortable with visiting every 6 months. Many patients need their dental visits to be convenient and a family dentist is one way to make your visits to the dentist

  • What Bridges and Crowns Can Do for Your Smile

    Both bridges and crowns can be very helpful in improving not only the physical appearance of your smile, but also the function. Both bridges and crowns can help to prevent your other teeth from shifting around a missing or damaged tooth, causing a bad bite. They can strengthen damaged teeth and improve a tooth’s shape,