• The Relationship Between Malnutrition and Your Teeth

    Malnutrition affects people all over the world and can be caused by not having enough to eat or simply not having access to nutritious foods to get the nutrients your body needs. In many cases, dentists are the first health professional to notice issues with nutrition since oral health is a good indicator of the

  • How to Overcome Dental Anxiety & Embrace Your Appointments with Ease

    If you’re someone who struggles with dental fear and anxiety, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is actually very common, even among adults. While some may get anxious about going to the dentist because they anticipate pain, others may avoid the dentist out of embarrassment about the appearance of their teeth

  • Dental Implant Recovery: What to Expect Post-Op

    Dental implants are a permanent way to restore the look and function of a missing tooth or teeth. While getting a dental implant is a minor procedure, it does require surgery, so many patients have questions about what to expect in the recovery period. The surrounding bone and gums will take time to heal and

  • What To Do for a Toothache? 5 Remedies for Pain Relief

    If you’ve ever had serious toothache pain, you know you’ll do almost anything to find relief. You may be experiencing sharp, throbbing pains in your tooth, swelling around the tooth, fever, or headache which are all indicators of a potentially serious problem. Common causes of toothaches are infection (abscess), tooth decay, gum disease, grinding your