• More Than Flossing: The Benefits of a Tongue Scraper


    For optimal oral health, you might wish to consider using a device called a tongue-scraper. Daily use of a tongue-scraper can help keep your mouth free of bacteria. Its use promotes clean breath as well.

    What Is Tongue-Scraping?

    A tongue scraper is a small, inexpensive device that features a handle and an open triangle or “U” shape, often made from metal or plastic, at the end. Because the tongue is spongy and yielding, unlike teeth, a tongue scraper may be recommended as a more efficient way of cleaning the surface of the tongue than brushing with a toothbrush.

    The practice of tongue-scraping came out of the Ayurvedic self-care regimen. It works to remove food debris, fungi, toxins, sulfurous compounds, and dead cells from your tongue’s surface. Research has been done that says tongue-scraping is more efficient at removing toxins from the mouth because brushing and flossing only move debris around without taking it away.

    Why Is Tongue-Scraping Beneficial?

    A tongue scraper can be effective in reducing the amounts of bacteria and odor in your mouth. The buildup can contribute to tooth decay, gum infections, and tooth loss, as well as halitosis (bad breath).

    In addition, there is some evidence that removing the coating that’s on top of your tongue helps improve your ability to taste your food. This not only helps you enjoy your meals more, but reduces your need to include additives such as sugar, salt, and spices to flavor your food. This is better for your teeth and your overall health.

    How Do I Use A Tongue-Scraper Properly?

    First, rinse your tongue cleaner before use. This will remove any food debris already present. To use your scraper properly, lie it gently on your tongue, as far back as you can. Scrape the tongue firmly but gently from back to front for up to 15 strokes. If you wish, rinse the scraper between strokes.

    If your gag reflex is activated, you should adjust your scraper, as you may be scraping too aggressively. Clean not just the top, but the side surfaces of your tongue. Afterwards, rinse out the tongue scraper and rinse our your mouth.

    Clearly, a tongue scraper can assist in your oral hygiene by helping you keep your mouth cleaner. They’re an inexpensive way to boost your dental hygiene, prevent bad breath, and promote overall health. Consult your doctor with questions about tongue cleanliness and what a scraper can do for you.

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