• Why Getting Your Kids into a Good Brushing Routine Is Important

    Good dental habits are an essential part of keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy throughout their lives.

    Establishing Healthy Dental Routines for KidsTooth decay and oral problems can cause eating, speaking and learning problems. In fact, these conditions affect kids more than any other chronic infectious disease – but they are preventable.

    Taking care of your child’s teeth can vastly reduce or completely eliminate these issues.

    Start Good Habits Now

    If you make sure that your children have a good dental care routine, and stress how important it is, you teach them how to maintain their health themselves. You make sure they have the tools to stay healthy and active for life.

    Also, establishing good dental habits now prepares them for their adult teeth. As their permanent teeth come in, they will already know how to take care of them, and consider it a part of their daily routine.

    Take Care of Baby Teeth

    Taking care of baby teeth is as important as taking care of permanent teeth. Even though they eventually fall out, they do serve some important purposes.

    They help kids eat solid foods, they assist in the learning process of speech, and they maintain spacing for when the adult teeth come in.

    If children get cavities, their teeth can become infected, and cause them pain, sensitivity and swelling; in rare cases, infection can even spread and cause systemic health problems. They may lose a tooth early, which makes it possible for permanent teeth to come in out of alignment.

    Also, when you take care of baby teeth you also take care of the gums, which also protects teeth that haven’t yet erupted.

    Your Child’s Tooth Care Routine

    Regular brushing and flossing are key to your child’s oral health. Ideally, they should brush at least twice a day. Each time, they should spend two minutes brushing – first the outer surfaces of upper and lower teeth, then the inner surfaces, followed by the chewing surfaces – not forgetting hard-to-reach back teeth.

    Teach them to spit out without using too much water, as that reduces the amount of fluoride on their teeth. Beyond that, you should teach your kids that prevention is key.

    Ask them to lay off the sugary treats and drinks, and forbid too much snacking between meals and before bedtime.

    Also, you should make sure your children visit the dentist at least twice a year. Start your kids on a healthy track by instructing them how to care for their teeth and supervising them until they feel comfortable doing it properly.

    Not only are you saving their smiles, you remind them that they are valuable and that they should invest in themselves to stay that way.

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