• The 5 Promises ADA Dentists Make to their Patients

    Dentists who are members of the American Dental Association must abide by a code of ethics that puts patients’ needs first. Thus, when you choose an ADA dentist, you’re guaranteed a level of care and quality that will give you confidence that your smile is in good hands.

    Be Respectful

    ADA dentistADA dentists respect the wants and needs of patients. You have the right to be involved in any decisions about your treatment, and you can expect privacy and confidentiality in all your oral health matters. Your desires count. Your dentist will listen to your wishes and work with you.

    Do No Harm

    This pledge refers to more than just thinking about how your well-being is affected by dental procedures. It means that dentists are obligated to keep up with trends and technology so they can give you the best service possible. They’re required to hone their skills on a regular basis. Continuing education is important for dentists, so they can develop a comprehensive knowledge base of modern ideas and techniques.

    Do Good

    Doing good is different than doing no harm. It means your dentist should actively provide good care, timely treatment, and quality service to safeguard and improve your oral health. ADA dentists work with you to find out what is in your best interest, and treat you based on that. In addition, dentists are committed to the public good. They want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to access oral health resources.

    Be Fair

    ADA dentistsNo matter what your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, creed, socioeconomic background, religious orientation, or current health condition, ADA dentists are expected to make accommodations to ensure that you’re not discriminated against. Dental care without prejudice is the goal of this pledge. You can rest assured you’re being treated equitably in terms of both care and cost.

    Be Truthful

    Honesty is very important to dentist-patient relationships. You can trust that an ADA dentist will level with you about your condition so that you can make informed decisions about treatment. Without that trust, your care could be compromised, so this is an important promise. Your dentist won’t lie to you or ask you to pay for big procedures you don’t need.

    Keeping your mouth healthy is essential, and can affect your overall health, too. These promises from ADA dentists exist to facilitate strong relationships between patients and their medical providers. You come into an office already certain that standards are in place to ensure a good experience. If your dentist is one who follows the ADA Principles, Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, you can be confident your oral health is a priority.

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