• Understanding Dental X-rays

    Dental X-rays are an important part of preventative dentistry in addition to helping in the diagnosis of other more serious dental issues and while some people are concerned about the safety of dental X-rays, you can rest easy knowing that they use minimal amounts of radiation.

    dental x-rays

    Dental X-rays for Preventative Dentistry

    Most who have been to the dentist have had dental X-rays at some point in their life. They are key to keeping track of the overall health of your teeth. Your dentist may suggest that you get X-rays every 6 months or yearly at a regular dental exam to watch for decay, monitor changes in a tooth after an infection/root canal, monitor bone loss from gum disease, and any other changes in the soft tissue surrounding teeth that may not be seen from an oral exam. X-rays will also likely be used to visualize your mouth in preparation for dentures, braces, implants, or other dental procedures.

    Dental X-rays are also an important aspect of your child’s dental care. They are used to measure if there is enough space in the mouth for incoming teeth, to watch for tooth decay, and to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth.

    Dental X-rays for Diagnosis

    When you’re having issues like tooth sensitivity or pain, dental X-rays allow your dentist to take a further look into the health of your teeth. They can help your dentist visualize areas of decay that wouldn’t be seen in an oral exam or reveal an abscess, cyst, impacted teeth or other abnormality that may be causing your discomfort.

    How Often Should I Get Dental X-rays?

    The frequency at which your dentist recommends getting dental X-rays usually depends on your overall dental history and current dental health. If you visit your dentist regularly and have no recent gum disease or dental issues, you may only need to get X-rays every 18-24 months, while those with decay and gum disease will likely need them every 6 months. Additionally, if you have moved to a new dentist, they may want to take X-rays to get a better understanding of your overall oral health on your first visit to them.

    The dentists at Hawkins Family Dental in Gainesville, GA are experienced in carrying out and assessing dental X-rays for all of your dental healthcare needs. When you’re in need, contact the friendly, caring staff at Hawkins Family Dental and we can take care of your diagnostic and preventative dental X-ray needs.

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  • Posted by Amanda Drew on May 31, 2018, 7:10 pm

    That’s cool that dental X-rays are able to help dentists see decay that they can’t see in a normal oral exam like a cyst or abscess. It’d probably be a good idea to get the latest technology to decrease the levels of radiation and get the results faster. A dentist would just need to find somewhere to get a digital X-ray machine.

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  • Posted by Tim Yaotome on February 1, 2019, 4:52 am

    I never thought about what you said that getting a dental x-ray can help create a visual of how much decay is in a person’s teeth that cannot be spotted by an oral exam. Reading about this made me worried for my son, who likes eating chocolate bars three times a day. With that, I thought that I should send him to the dentist, so that he knows to not eat as often and know what to do to fix his teeth.

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  • Posted by Sarah Smith on October 31, 2019, 10:24 pm

    Thanks for your information on dental x-rays! I think I have a few cavities. It would be great to get my teeth cleaned.

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  • Posted by Eli Richardson on November 25, 2019, 3:38 pm

    It never crossed my mind that a dental x-ray can help a dentist detect any decays. My niece has a sweet tooth, so maybe my sister should consider taking her to see dentist for an inspection. Thanks for your information on dental x-rays.

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  • Posted by Afton Jackson on July 3, 2020, 6:51 am

    Thank you so much for bringing up how Dental X-rays provide excellent and accurate diagnosis where normal visual checkups cannot. There has been a lot of us in the family that has been experiencing unexplainable tooth pains even if we follow proper hygiene and we can’t tell if this is something involving a tooth growth problem or if it’s something else. We’d like to get accurate information for what’s causing this, so we’ll be looking to get Dental X-rays to find out what’s making our teeth hurt so much.

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